Gevity RX Bone Broth Body Glue Curry in a 260 gram jar with black lid. 26 cups / serves per jar. 100% australian grass fed beef. Paleo and allergen friendly.

GevityRX Bone Broth Body Glue Curry (260g)

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Detox naturally with coriander, support joint health with anti-inflammatory turmeric and heal your gut while enjoying every bite. This punchy Bone Broth delivers some deliciously spicy aromatics and flavours to match while boosting nutrients and helping your body repair.

Previously known as Meadow & Marrow Curry Bone Broth Concentrate.

Curry Bone Broth is perfect as a quick and easy marinade or to add flavour to your favourite stir-fry’s, red meat dishes and of course, curries. It can also be enjoyed as a hot drink during the cooler months.

To enjoy in cooking: Add one teaspoon per cup of hot water as an alternative to stock or stir directly into the bowl, pan or pot. Season as desired according to individual recipes and serve as you would normally. 

To enjoy hot: Add one teaspoon to a cup of hot water and stir well.

Australian Grass-Fed Beef Bones, Naturally Evaporated Sea Salt*, Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Fenugreek, Ginger, Cinnamon, Chilli, Pepper, Cloves

*Naturally Evaporated Sea Salt is the traditional natural way to extract maximum nutrients from the bones whilst also preserving the product.