Vitamin C - Why You Need It!

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So you are sitting on the couch, bingeing a new Netflix series, tissues up your nose and a warm cup of tea in your hands. Its flu season and you are pissed that once again Sandra from HR was the outbreak monkey in the office! 

You pick up the chewable Vitamin C tablets you got from the chemist, pop two in your mouth and pray that this will clear up before the weekend! But then you get thinking, what does Vitamin C actually do?

Little is known about this super vitamin, and why it essential to your everyday health (not just flu season).

So let me get you up to speed!

Vitamin C - why you need it

Why we need Vitamin C

Vitamin C is water soluble, which means the body can not store it to use later. To maintain adequate levels of vitamin C, we need to consume foods that contain it every day for essential health.

This essential vitamin is a key player in helping the body to produce collagen, L-carnitine and some neurotransmitters. Did you know that in order for your body to produce collagen, it needs vitamin C.

Collagen is the main component of connective tissue and makes up 1–2% of muscle tissue. If you have a low intake of vitamin C, you will experience slower wound healing, as your body will be less able to produce collagen.

Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant and immune booster. It can help to remove unwanted substances know and reactive oxidative species (ROS) from the body. ROS are substances such as free radicals that result from natural bodily processes, exposure to pollution, and other factors. They can lead to oxidative stress, which can, in turn, cause cell damage.

Vitamin C is probably the most popular and well-studied nutrient on the planet. In recent times it is fast becoming a staple in supplements and beauty products for it potent benefits. 

How Much is Enough?

As a kid, you probably were told that oranges are the best source of vitamin C and our parents nagged us to eat our fruit and veggies. This was and still is good advice!

Vegetables not only contain this crucial vitamin but numerous other valuable phytonutrients – so we must not forget that fresh food is more than just a source of vitamin C. From what we have learned from the Scurvy days, we need some vitamin C or we die (eek!). 

Aim to incorporate foods that are high in vitamin C as much as possible. However, using a supplement may help to optimise out intake. A new study has found that ensuring your daily multivitamin or immune supplement contains 100-200mg of vitamin C would be adequate to optimise cell and tissue levels[1].

I recommend Locako's Native Vitamin C for those who struggle to take capsules or wanting something quick and easy to add into drinks and smoothies. This will ensure you are getting enough to bathe your immune system in what it loves with the bonus of pre & probiotics for a healthy gut. Winning!

Locako Native Vitamin C Drink

I would love to hear from you below if this article helped you or how you incorporate vitamin C into your everyday lifestyle.



[1] Vitamin C and Immune Function. Anitra C. Carr and Silvia Maggini. Nutrients 2017, 9, 1211; doi:10.3390/nu9111211.

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